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Wawancara dengan Avraham Burg

Sedang mencari-cari apdet berita dari Operation Cast Lead di, saya menemukan wawancara menarik dengan Avraham Burg, judulnya: “Can the Jewish People Survive Without an Enemy?”
Wawancara ini terkait dengan peluncuran buku beliau yang terbaru. Saya baru baca sekali berhubung sudah jam 2AM (wawancaranya lho, bukan bukunya) dan belum punya opini apa-apa, tapi rasanya ide beliau soal “Orang Yahudi yang seharusnya hidup damai” menarik juga. ๐Ÿ™‚

Supaya tak perlu klak-klik lagi, berikut saya kupipes-kan wawancaranya:

TIME: You argue that the Jewish people are in a state of crisis, partly because of the extent to which the Holocaust dominates contemporary Jewish identity. Can you explain?

Burg: I, like many others, believe that a day will come very soon when we will live in peace with our neighbors, and then, for the first time in our history, the vast majority of the Jewish people will be living without an immediate threat to their lives. Peaceful Israel and a secure Diaspora, all of us living the democratic hemisphere. And then the question facing our generation will be, can the Jewish people survive without an external enemy? Give me war, give me pogrom, give me disaster, and I know what to do; give me peace and tranquility, and I’m lost. The Holocaust was a hellish horror, but we often use it as an excuse to avoid looking around seeing how, existentially, 60 years later, in a miraculous way, are living in a much better situation.

In your book, you raise the question of the purpose of Jewish survival over thousands of years, insisting that Jews have not simply survived for the sake of survival. What is this higher purpose?

Both my parents were survivors โ€” my father ran away from Berlin in September 1939; my mum survived the 1929 massacre in Hebron. So, my family knows something about trauma. Still, my siblings and I were brought up in a trauma-free atmosphere. We were brought up to believe that the Jewish people did not continue in order to continue, or survive in order to survive. A cat can survive โ€” so it’s a circumcised cat, so what? It’s not about survival; survival for what?

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