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My slow rock files [7] Please, miss me

Please, Miss me

anonymous jack-ass

If someday my time passes
_______And it takes with it all of me
_______Leaving only placid surrender
Will you answer my humble wishes
_______To come and see last of me
_______Just to cherish, to remember?

If I won’t see another May
_______And by June I’m history
_______For as long as forever
Will I be just put away
_______Or will I last in your memory
_______For as long as December?

What if I drop dead right now
_______Run over by a tram
_______Or got hit by a truck
Will you still want to know?
_______Will you still give a damn?
_______Will you still give a fuck?

SlaughterDays Gone By (lyric)

Bon Jovi ft. LeAnn RimesTill We Ain’t Strangers Anymore (lyric)

Dia tuh yang Islam, mbak…

Bulan puasa beberapa tahun lampau, saat masih kuliah (ntah tahun berapa, kelamaan kuliah), saya dan Fritzter keluar kampus siang hari sama-sama, jalan kaki. Belum jauh dari kampus, Fritz belok masuk warung, makan. Saya duduk-duduk bego saja disebelahnya. Semenit kemudian merasa bosan..

Saya: Mbak, teh manis hangat satu!
(satu menit berikutnya, si mbak datang nganterin pesanan)
Si mbak: (nyuguhkan teh) Wah, mas… ga tahan ya?
Fritz: (sambil makan) Iya, kamu tu kalo puasa mbok ya yang bener. Harus bisa tahan dari godaan. Yaddayadda…



Bart F.H. Simpson

This was supposed to be a simple story
of a simple fellow named Larry.
_______Who loved so dearly pretty Heather,
_______hoped to live “happily ever after”,
but ended shitty as she married Gary.

At first he thought she was the one,
while she thought he was just for fun.
_______To him she was a grace, she was grand.
_______To her he was a mere one-night-stand,
a daily usual hit-and-run.

It only took her seven days straight.
To find out Larry was no dream date.
_______Since it seemed to her so awfully bizarre,
_______to date someone who didn’t even have a car,
She couldn’t wait to kick him off the gate.

She looked at Larry right through the eye,
Said, “nice knowin’ ya. We’re through. Bye”.
_______then off she went in her slim bikini,
_______as GARY was waiting in his Lamborghini,
with Larry still there, standing right by.

Larry was still in dumb confusion,
when she sent in an invitation.
_______He just gazed at that piece of paper,
_______on which was written ‘Gary and Heather’.
wishing it was just an illusion.

This was supposed to end so sadly,
when Larry found love ain’t so lovely.
_______But he knew it was best for Heather,
_______Having chosen the highest bidder,
_______at least SHE ended happiest ever,
and as for the story, it ended SIMPLY.


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