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My slow rock files [7] Please, miss me

Please, Miss me

anonymous jack-ass

If someday my time passes
_______And it takes with it all of me
_______Leaving only placid surrender
Will you answer my humble wishes
_______To come and see last of me
_______Just to cherish, to remember?

If I won’t see another May
_______And by June I’m history
_______For as long as forever
Will I be just put away
_______Or will I last in your memory
_______For as long as December?

What if I drop dead right now
_______Run over by a tram
_______Or got hit by a truck
Will you still want to know?
_______Will you still give a damn?
_______Will you still give a fuck?

SlaughterDays Gone By (lyric)

Bon Jovi ft. LeAnn RimesTill We Ain’t Strangers Anymore (lyric)



Bart F.H. Simpson

This was supposed to be a simple story
of a simple fellow named Larry.
_______Who loved so dearly pretty Heather,
_______hoped to live “happily ever after”,
but ended shitty as she married Gary.

At first he thought she was the one,
while she thought he was just for fun.
_______To him she was a grace, she was grand.
_______To her he was a mere one-night-stand,
a daily usual hit-and-run.

It only took her seven days straight.
To find out Larry was no dream date.
_______Since it seemed to her so awfully bizarre,
_______to date someone who didn’t even have a car,
She couldn’t wait to kick him off the gate.

She looked at Larry right through the eye,
Said, “nice knowin’ ya. We’re through. Bye”.
_______then off she went in her slim bikini,
_______as GARY was waiting in his Lamborghini,
with Larry still there, standing right by.

Larry was still in dumb confusion,
when she sent in an invitation.
_______He just gazed at that piece of paper,
_______on which was written ‘Gary and Heather’.
wishing it was just an illusion.

This was supposed to end so sadly,
when Larry found love ain’t so lovely.
_______But he knew it was best for Heather,
_______Having chosen the highest bidder,
_______at least SHE ended happiest ever,
and as for the story, it ended SIMPLY.


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