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Hugeass boobs rules? (a bit about previous entry’s figurine picture)

Hugeass boobs rules? I dunno, geddoe says that some sizes suit some people better than others, and I believe so too. Nonetheless, for a single guy like me (either with or without girlfriend), it is the access to the boobs that counts, whatever their sizes, if any. Am I right, dudes? :mrgreen: *stoned to death* On the other hand, I must admit that a combination of a beautiful girl with a curvy shape will easily draw more attention than any delicious flat-chested Keira Knightley babes. Having mentioned that, a few days ago I posted a crappy entry about football updates. In trying to add some attractiveness to the boring text, I put a non-related picture to it (which is, inspired by Kopral geddoe’s post). It was a picture of PVC-figurine of Rangiku Matsumoto, a beautiful soul-reaper from Bleach anime & manga. To say it twice, it was just a decoration! The entry only got few comments, but most of ‘em really said something about the pic. Voila! :mrgreen: This is the same figurine in another point-of-view: (click to enlarge)


Wish have item, someday...

Fairly gorgeous, eh? Whether in manga, anime, hentai or in figurine, this girl’s attractiveness is always striking me. Pretty face, icy-blue eyes, long-wavy-blonde hair and a beauty spot near her mouth. I know, there’s one distinctive features I haven’t put into account yet: her more-than-enough-size of two soft fleshy milk-secreting glandular organs on her chest. Ups, sorry, that’s technobabbles. I mean; her very large boobs; that are creating a deep cleavage; thanx to her loosely-hanging robes. I was quite confident that it was such feature that easily draws all the comments about her. 😉 Below is an artwork picture of Matsumoto with several other Bleach heroines, hopes her bikini will show more of her sculpted image: (click to enlarge)

Rangiku is on the very right. Bullshit if you dunno.

Rangiku is on the very right. Bullshit if you dunno.

What? You don’t like her bikini? Okay, just remove it. Click here (warning: must be 14+)

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